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Welcome to the TYPO3-on-AWS documentation. Before you deep dive into all the exciting details of the TYPO3-on-AWS project, you possibly want to learn about some practical tips on how to read the documentation.


Machine Images

We have created a number of machine images for a variety of TYPO3 versions over the last few years. You find all details about each supported TYPO3-on-AWS machine image here:

Getting Started

If you are new to the TYPO3-on-AWS project, you possibly want to know how to get started.

The pages in the section "Getting Started" provide everything you need to know to launch an instance with just a few mouse clicks. It only takes a few minutes and you can access the instance and TYPO3 with full administrator privileges.


The TYPO3-on-AWS machine images provide a stable, fully working environment "in the cloud". However, every professional website is unique and in many cases the default instance needs to be customized to meet your individual project requirements.

We have compiled a set of guides that cover typical tasks. Check out the resources in the section "How-to" to learn more.

Security Aspects

Security is an important topic and our top priority. The contents of the section "Security" focus on the basics and best practises you should be familiar with. Read them thoroughly.


Did you come across a problem or do you have a question? Check out the section "FAQ" (frequently asked questions). Maybe someone else already asked the same question and you find the answer here.


If you come across something in the documentation that should be corrected or if you want to help us extending or improving the existing documentation, you are more than welcome to contribute.