How to Read this Documentation

Quick Introduction

This page provides a quick introduction about how you read and navigate through the TYPO3-on-AWS guides and manuals easily.

Jump to Sub-sections

You can directly jump to a sub-section on the current page by using the links in the dark-gray bar at the top. The "Home" icon left-hand-side in this bar always brings you back to the documentation start page.

Some pages are only valid for specific versions of TYPO3. If this is the case, you will find the versions listed at the top right. If the page content is of general nature and does not apply to a specific TYPO3 version, the list is omitted (just like the page you are reading right now).

Many pages in the documentation are linked together. External links which point to sites that are not in our direct control are usually marked with the -symbol. If you follow these links, you leave the TYPO3-on-AWS website.

Found a Bug?

If you come across something that should be corrected — a typo, a grammar error, a mistake, etc. — or if you want to help us extending or improving the existing documentation, you are more than welcome to contribute.